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Product : Digital Display Electronic Universal Testing Machine(Gate Type)
Model : DDW-10S/20S/50S/100S
Country of Origin : CHINA
Brand : DTEC
Quality Certified : GB/T2611,ISO,ASTM,DIN
Delivery Time : 7 working days
Packing Weight : 400-600KG
Dimension : 900x800x2000cm(LxWxH) Approximately
Package Type : Maker's Standard Export Wooden Case
Courier : DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS/EMS/Shipping Agent
Payment Term : TT100%/Private Bank Account/L/C/Paypal/Western Union
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DDW-S Series Digital Display Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Gate Type) is equipped with small displayer aside, which the whole operation is processing on, while all testing data and parameter will show on this displayer, it is adjustable in testing speed, and has function of auto stop when the specimen is broken, as well as peak value holding.

Using Scopes:
DDW-S Series Digital Display Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Gate Type) is applicable for tensile tests of materials with relatively small test force, such as rubber, plastic, textile, waterproofing material, cable, network wire, metal wire, metal rod, metal plate and others. With attaching tools, it can also do compression and bending tests. Due to its quick installment and easy operation, it is also used as laboratory equipment in colleges Quality Testing Organizations.

Equipment’s Main Structure:
The whole structure is formed by the upper beam, the middle beam, the lower beam and the bottom panel, with two pairs of ball screw-rod and a vertical column. The full-digital AC Servo motor drives the Reducer and the synchronic gear belt, so as to drive the two pairs of high-precision and seamless ball screw-rod, and to make the beam move up and down.
►High-precision and fully-digital speed governing system and precision reducing gear are adopted to drive the precision screw rod to carry out the test, achieving the adjustment of testing speed by a large margin, as well as low noise and stable operation during the test;

►Operating mode of touch keys and real-time display on LCD digital screen the selection window for testing methods, selection window for testing parameters as well as displaying window for testing operation and testing result, how convenient and efficient!

►Achieve different speed levels of beam lifting adjustment when mounting and clamping the specimen,even fine turning, as well as function of overload protection;

►Suitable for externally connecting with optional controller;

►Various optional testing accessories, meet any of your measurement requirement.
Series Models
Structural Form
Gate Type
Max. Testing Force (KN)
Operation Mode
Digital LCD Displayer
Measuring Range
2%-100% of the maximum testing force

Relative Error on Indicated Values of Testing Force

Better Than ±1% of the Indicated Value
Error on Deformation Display
±1% (Optional ±0.5%)
Min. Force Resolution
Displacement Precision
±1% (±0.5% Optional)
Deformation Accuracy
Better than ±1% (±0.5% Optional)
Speed Governing Range
Testing Travelling Distance
﹥600 mm (can be customized according to needs)
Testing Space Adjusting Mechanism
AC Servo Motor, Drive by Synchronous Belt
Carried Standard
Protection Function

Overload Protection, Limit Protection

Power Supply
Weight (Approximate KG)
Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature -35°C, Humidity 20% - 80%

Clamp Type

Each One Piece of Standard Clamp for Tension Test and Compression Test (Optional Clamp If Needed;Special Clamp Can Also Be Customized for Customers)

Standard Packing:
Main Unit

Standard Double-clip Type Jig for Tension Test, Accessories for Compression Test

One Pcs. Each
Digital Displayer
Spoke Type Loading Transducer
Manual Book, Quality Certificate
One Pcs. Each

Optional Accessories: